What classes should you take for the Fall quarter?  All incoming first year students will use this Fall Schedule Builder to confirm their Fall schedule.

Please select your major, math placement, and english placement.  After you click 'Get Courses,' you will see your suggested Fall schedule.

Suggested Schedule -- Fall

Your suggested Fall schedule may include the following courses:

Based on your major, here is the Introduction Course you should register for during the Fall quarter:

*Mechanical engineering students will enroll in their introduction course, ME 002, during the Spring quarter.

Based on your exam results or college credit, you will be placed in one of the following courses:

Please visit this webpage to confirm your math placement:

Depending on your placement information and major, you may be advised to take a science course during the Fall quarter. The following table shows the prerequisite(s) for common lower-division science courses:
CHEM 001A/01LA MATH 009A minimum credit
CS 010A MATH 005 placement
CS 010B CS 010A with a grade of C- or better; CS 010A AP credit
PHYS 040A MATH 009A credit

Advanced Placement (AP) Credit

Here’s the credit you will receive based on the exam you completed and your exam score:

Advanced Placement (AP) Exam Exam Score Credit
Computer Science A Exam 4, 5 CS 010A
Computer Science AB Exam 3, 4 CS 010A
Computer Science AB Exam 5 CS 010A
CS 010B
Physics Exam C: Mechanics 4,5 PHYS 002A

If you earned credit from the Physics C: Mechanics exam, please make sure you work with your academic advisor to confirm your Fall schedule.

Based on your exam score or college credit, you will be placed into one of the following courses:

Please review this webpage to confirm your English placement:

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Courses WAC courses provide students with an opportunity not only to receive course credit in the discipline of the class, but also - if they earn a grade of C or higher - to satisfy the ENGL 001C requirement. WAC Course – Fall
  • HIST 020W
  • HIST 099W
  • POSC 005W

For more information on WAC courses, please visit the follow website:

Please review the document in the link below that outlines the College’s breadth requirements:

BCOE Breadth Requirements

Here is how you can see which breadth courses will be offered during the Fall quarter:

  1. Visit the Schedule of Classes (classes.ucr.edu)
  2. Select the Fall term.
  3. In the ‘General Education Requirements’ field:
BCOE Breadth Requirement General Education Requirement
HUM-A EN-Hum - World History
HUM-B EN-Hum - FA/Lit/Phil/Rel
HUM-C EN-Hum - Addl Humanities
SS-A EN-Soc Sci - Economics/Pol Sci
SS-B EN-Soc Sci - Anth/Psyc/Soc
SS-C EN-Soc Sci - Addl Social Sci
Ethnicity EN-Ethnicity
Upper Division Breadth Courses EN-ABET Depth

Recommended Breadth Courses – Fall


  • AHS 007 - World Art: Images, Issues, and Ideas
  • AHS 017A - History of Western Art: Prehistoric to Byzantine
  • CLA 010B - Ancient Civilization: Classical Greece
  • CRWT 056 - Introduction to Creative Writing
  • PHIL 030E - Introduction to the History of Philosophy


  • POSC 015 - Comparative Politics


  • PSYC 001 - Introductory Psychology
  • PSYC 002 - Introductory Psychology

Please contact your academic advisor if you have any questions about the college’s breadth requirements.